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SN | Beautiful Arrhythmia | SN SN | Beautiful Arrhythmia | SN

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great work!

really like the glitching work you've done- got to your youtube page and saw this link- PM me on soundcloud, myspace, facebook, twitter, here, lastfm, or youtube- dj oxygen take care my friend- i really hope to talk to you about your music- great work, great videos tooo =)

-Matt soundcloud /djoxygen myspace /djoxygenmusic youtube/djoxygen

SessileNomad responds:

kk il pm you

-Brand New Day- -Brand New Day-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


its got a nice steady feel to it, do you record on an upright ?? i've always wondered how that works recording a live piano or w/e- the flute is cool in there and the.. bongos? are nice for a moving rhythm- the build is nice, very similar to my stuff- overall i'd say this is pretty good

ChrisisD responds:

Indeed it is a live recorded upright, a beautiful Yamaha! Well its reather simple really, i did it with 3 mics: 2 mics next to the strings (I did strip the piano from most of its cover) and one mic on the bottom near the pedals. Glad you like it and thanks for the review!
Greets, Chris

-Sonar- -Sonar-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


didn't know what to call the summary- i listened to this earlier, but don't remember it-- i like it, i think its different than your classical stuff and like the ambience (i'm not an ambience freak, just respect good sounding stuff) i think you did a good job w/ this but i'm not listening w/ my studio phones so its hard to pick out specifics- i like the picatto stuff (think its called that?) and the synths are grooved well w/ it- like the combo you used here, sounds cool for a game. good piano, nice n clear-too short though (the song) overall nice


ChrisisD responds:

First of all an apology , I totally overlooked your review. Thanks for that ;-) I always like a review that actually says something about the song. It's been a while since I wrote this song. It was an experiment I was working on. I tried to tell a story through the music (which in fact I try with all my songs, but with this one even more). Oh and about the strings: it's called Pizzicato.
Thanks again!
Cheers, Chris

My Void Loop My Void Loop

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i just sat down- great song!--- like the beat and like the style fairly ok. cool cool cool beat- coolest beat i've heard in a min-- work on the beat and make different songs with it- i think you could make probably 5 non-similar songs with this beat.

10/10 for a song that isn't gonna get big, but has potential


What comes around What comes around

Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice vibe

how long did this take?- read your commetns, if this was done in under an hour, MAD PROPS lol. i think everything is self explanatory here, no one really needs to give a review or advice- i think its just for fun (i think)


Nermio responds:

That's right, just for fun ^^

didn't clock the time thouh :S but really, it didn't take long at all

"Trance 3" Final "Trance 3" Final

Rated 3 / 5 stars

trance = review

are you professional? i'm not sure if i'd put you in that category, however your song leans viciously to that notion. like the setup and think with a little more work this song could go to clubs. i love the feel of this song, very trancey and very tight. the effects are fair and the changes added into it are really cool- i think it needs just a little more tweaking so there is a clear change throughout the song. i can tell the difference, but i'm not sure everyone can- i think most dance music listeners who aren't hardcore about electronic music would say its average. i think its a 6 on the "cool trance songs that haven't made it big" scale lol.


montehawks responds:

Nope, I'm definitely not professional... I'm a 17 year old senior in high school lol.. and this is literally like my 4th or 5th techno song ever made... like my 10th song ever made overall, using FL Studio 9.

And about your review, I'm not even exactly sure on how to enhance this song even more... My older versions are also on my profile... I just don't get how I could possibly add any more 'coolness' to this song. Could you please Private Message me with details on what I could do? Thanks so much, Monte.

28-X : The Remix 28-X : The Remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i'm glad you did what you did on this song

good job on that sound - the one that's consistent during about 1:00 on and the combo you add w/ the synth is cool too (same melody) i like this setup alot, the sounds blend together nicely and make for an interesting feel- i think it needs more added to it though. some more hi hat or drum loops or effects, maybe a little ambience in ther to spyce things up a bit. good luck


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[CJM] This Ain't Mainstream [CJM] This Ain't Mainstream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

ya, i hate offset stuff...

holy shit- you took something i thought was gonna be another game soundtrack song- and blew it away- just something personal, i think releasing work that isn't complete is very unprofessional. dnb- dude this song is i think gonna go on my next playlist on my ipod-- love the part after the drums break off and then come back in- cool! great drums, don't know about the distortion though. there you go clean drums, you know whatsup i take back the distortion commetn- you got a handle on what you want to do- once this song is finished , its gonna bee crazy. like the effect you threw in there the whoop whoop whoop thing haha. nice bass too- i bit too light for my taste , but again its not finished- it sounds like the bass is all distortion and no depth, like you put an eq on it or something. this is really out there and good luck!


HR 465 HR 465

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


interesting , this song caught my ear for a sec and made me listen closer!-- cool intro you got, the sound that comes in after it is kinda corny, but that's my preference- its decent but i think its lacking alot and should have a few more days spent on it. like the ambience and tinkle/ rushing drums sound thing you got towards the end-- the gregorian chant or choir or w/e is really cool


TheBackupCrew responds:

Yup. I'm not too good yet, and i'm not supplied with good samples.
And i'm terrible at melodies.
whydidyougiveitafive~Butterfly NM. XIV

Rising of the Fallen One Rising of the Fallen One

Rated 2 / 5 stars

its a personal thing

i, personally, think its HIGHLY unprofessional to release unfinished work for review to the public crowd. - i like the idea you got going on here, but the drums and tempo bother me- too slow, and not a good feel. i like the ambient stuff and dark melody/ sounds you got- lol was that a sample from god of war???? (the vengeaful spartan) -- anyway good luck to you and hit me up when you've finished the track


iori22 responds:

Whether its unprofessional or not, I don't care. I submit it to see if people like what I have so far. There's no point in going with what sounds like crap. And no, it was not a sample from anything. Everything in my songs is original work.